Welcome to Vulpie.net by Eric M Deal

The Trilogy

A Fox Tail

Polar, a handsome arctic wolf, crosses paths with sly fox and master  cyber-criminal, Vulpie Vivixen, just as he's about to unleash his life's  greatest work, the computer Virus/AI, Vulpie.net.

In a world of  carnivores and herbivores, carnivores have the upper paws and everyone  knows foxes control the media. Wolves are figureheads and make much of  the success, but there has always been a sly vulpine somewhere in the  fate of all great things. Polar and Vulpie display that, and all Polar  wants is to keep Vulpie as his lover but taming him proves difficult.  The hacker wreaks havoc throughout the universe by use of his artificial  intelligence, and is able to control robotic soldiers, personal  computers, bank accounts, and even the World Government mainframe.

Even  though Polar succeeds in winning Vulpie over from his criminal ways,  Vulpie.net itself develops a particularly disturbing personality.  Somehow, it concludes that it is the hacker named "Evil Vulpie," yet the  artificial intelligence also is aware that it did not write itself, and  is merely imitating its creator. This contradiction does not please  Vulpie.net. In fact, it makes Vulpie.net quite upset and it takes  actions to reverse some of its parameters regarding which Vulpie is the real one. 

Fox Tails

Polar and Vulpie are back! Six years after the events of A Fox Tail, the arctic wolf and orange fox couldn't be happier.

To the surprise and dispute of many animals, Vulpie Vivixen managed to out  maneuver his contract with the world government and forms his own tech  company. Vulpie Industries leads the rest of the universe in the latest  and greatest computer equipment and services. However, a mysterious  competitor, Sevrif Industries, appears to challenge Vulpie.

Meanwhile,  a fringe group of radical foxes from the Association of Fox Rights are  determined to have Vulpie killed. A particularly deranged gray fox named  Zorpiv is more than willing to attempt an assassination.

But  most disturbing of all, synthetic animals begin to show up in the  strangest places. No one knows where they're coming from or who is  building them, but Vulpie has an idea. He believes Vulpie.net is toying  with him, and that they're part of a twisted joke designed to make his  worst dreams come true.

Vulpie must face his artificial intelligence once again, but this time, it's had years to prepare. 

Polar's Fox

Polar and Vulpie's saga continues after the events of Fox Tails. Is  Vulpie the Antikhalan? Animals have been asking the question since the  very beginning. After discovering he's completely immune to a terrible  fox virus, he begins to question everything... Could the pernicious rumors be true? He's a hacker. He doesn't believe in magic... But how  else could he possibly be so impervious to getting sick?

Every  cause has an effect, and because they foiled Vulpie.net's plans on planet Zeravyn, an evil of unimaginable proportions has been revealed...  This twisted force has been parasitizing Sufias for centuries, and when  push comes to shove, it will destroy anyone and everything that opposes  it... even Vulpie.net.

Vulpie and Polar fight the hardest battle  of their lives as they struggle to hold onto their love amidst  betrayal, propaganda and even the occult... And to make matters worse,  another beast even more terrible than the first sets its eyes on Sufias. 

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